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Local SEO Houston Tips

SEO HoustonLocal SEO is something that you need to consider if you have a business.  There are a number of SEO Houston tips that you should look at to increase your local rankings.  Local searches are being focused on by the search engines in an effort to increase user experiences and you need to consider this.

Have A Physical Address

Having a physical address in the location that your SEO Houston strategy is targeting is vital.  If you do not have a physical address then you are not going to be ranking for local searches.  This is due to the algorithm used for local searches looking at your physical address to determine if you are actually in the location.  The search engines will not rank you for local searches if you are not actually in the area.

It is also important that you list the physical address of your business on your website.  If you have a business with multiple locations then you need to list all of the addresses.  It is recommended that you have separate landing pages for each location.

List Your Business On Directories

Online directories like Yelp are important for local search rankings.  You need to ensure that your business is listed on these sites with the same information that is listed on your website. The search engines will use these directories for citations which are used to determine whether or not you are the business that you say you are.  If the physical address on the directories differs to the website then the search engines will not count it as a citation.

Get A Google My Business Account

Google My Business is a free account that Google offers to any business.  The information on GMB will also show on Google searches, maps and Google+ which is good for local search rankings.  When you fill out the profile of your account you need to ensure that it is accurate and optimized correctly.  Houston should be mentioned in the profile to ensure that you are targeting the correct area.

Have A Map On Your Website

A map on your website is something that you need to consider for a number of reasons.  The map should be located on your contact page and needs to show the exact location of your business.  The map can also link to Google Maps which will help you get organic traffic.  If you have not already claimed your location on Google Maps then you need to do this.